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MedArtation at Riverdale Farm 2019

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

At the beginning of the spring rose flush in November 2019, a lovely group of floral enthusiasts from the Great Southern and beyond gathered at Riverdale Farm #riverdalefarm for an afternoon of Mindfulness led by Nia Connop of Extend OT #extendbodyandmind and Floral Design led by Helen Leighton #farmerflorist #floristalbany .

A wild week of weather preceded the day but despite the heavy rain and windy conditions the garden produced a wonderful array of deliciously fragrant and colourful blooms for the afternoon. The weather cleared to a beautiful sunny afternoon with a gentle breeze.

Nia began the afternoon with an introduction to Mindfulness #mindfulness .

Mindful Living is the ability to be present in the moment and bring together body and mind by taking the opportunity to take time to stop in our busy lives and appreciate the simple things in life. #extendbodyandmind

Nia is an Occupational Therapist who is passionate about mindful living and sharing with other the benefits of slowing down, tuning into your body and mind and noticing what is happening around you. #extendOT

Riverdale Farm #riverdalefarm was delighted to be able to run a session on Floral Design as part of her MedArtation series of workshops.

Each of the ladies enjoyed the process of completing a table arrangement with our farm grown blooms to grace their tables at home. All so lovely and individual.

Delicious grazing platter for all to enjoy.

The afternoon closed with a Mindfulness session led by Nia and Maisy #maisygoldenretrieveralbany of Riverdale Farm.

We are hoping to run another workshop in October 2020.

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