Helen and Jim Leighton of Riverdale Farm


I am  passionate about all things floral…

I am a gardener, floral designer, garden designer…finding beauty in the seasonal landscape.

Over the past 15 years my husband Jim and I have created a large country garden at Riverdale Farm on the Kalgan River near Albany in Western Australia. We have developed cutting beds for foliage and flowers for use in our floral design work conducted from our on farm studio.

In 2014, I fulfilled a small dream of mine spending time at the Zita Elze Design Academy in Kew, London completing a Floral Design Course. Each year I make time to learn from internationally recognised Floral Designers at overseas workshops.

It is our aim to offer locally grown, seasonal blooms from our sustainably managed garden with a low carbon footprint. We grow a mix of wildflowers and garden flowers.


Our flowers are grown and designed with passion and devotion. We aim for a natural, romantic aesthetic in our design work. As gardeners we have an intimate relationship with the blooms we cultivate, their bloom cycle, natural form and character and most importantly their seasonality. Growing our own foliage and flowers allows a variety of different colour and textural elements in our work.

Our daughter Abbey trained as a florist in the UK in 2013 during a six month break following high school and has spent her holidays from University helping design wedding flowers and running workshops at the farm. Abbey has almost completed her further education and will be less available to assist as she moves into her fulltime career.


In Abbey's words ''There is more to creating a beautiful arrangement than putting some flowers together. For me it is an opportunity to delight by creating something greater than the sum of the individual blooms. An arrangement can convey one emotion or message, or it can convey many'. I know that she will delight in coming home to a garden of flowers from which to use her creative talents.

We offer a personal, individual service with a down to earth approach. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a seasonal bouquet or arrangement picked freshly from our farm or flowers to decorate your next event. 

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finding beauty in the seasonal landscape...

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