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Haridas Tamil Movie Torrent With xylyber




The music was composed by Harris Jayaraj, editing by B. Lenin, Kannan, and costume design by G. Jithan. The film was released on 16 August 2013. Plot The story is about a man named Sarath (Kishore) who is an assistant to a powerful businessman, Mohan (Vadivelu). He lives with his wife Preethi (Sneha) and son. Sarath constantly thinks about his younger brother who is in prison, and his parents died when he was young, so he takes care of his brother's family, his sister-in-law (Radhika) and his niece. One day, Sarath arrives at his friend Vasanth's (Prabhu) house to find his friend's wife Priya (Priya Anand) is missing. Sarath gets into an argument with Vasanth, who later takes off. Sarath goes home, and a man named Seenu (Rahman) calls him and tries to force him to go to the neighbouring town and find a woman there. Sarath decides not to go, but the following day, Sarath is chased by a group of men in a vehicle. Sarath escapes and gets to Vasanth's house. Sarath tells Vasanth that Priya has disappeared, and Vasanth agrees to help him find her. Sarath gets into an argument with his friend's mother Radha (Manorama). Sarath gets into a fight with a goon named Shankar (Rajendran) who was thrown out of Vasanth's house. In the house, Sarath meets Radha's friend and mother-in-law Sumathi (Nalini) and her son Seenu. Sarath tells Seenu that his sister has gone missing. Seenu says that he will go with Sarath to the neighbourhood to find the woman. When Sarath and Seenu leave for the neighbourhood, they are attacked by Shankar's men and Sarath is injured. Sarath and Seenu get caught by Shankar's men, and Sarath is tied to the back of a vehicle and is beaten and thrown off the vehicle. Sarath and Seenu are taken to a forest, and they are thrown inside a water pit. Sarath finds a cellphone and calls Vasanth. Sarath and Seenu are released, but they are taken to Shankar's home. Shankar says that he had no idea where Priya was. Sar



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Haridas Tamil Movie Torrent With xylyber
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