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28. Died that night, as the doctors and nurses fought against his consumption. They did everything they could to save him. But he was incurable. He had told nobody about his illness. He was a criminal and a coward. Before dying, he broke the news to his family, his wife and kids. He promised them that he would work. He said he would pay them back and, with their support, he would pay his debts. He promised them that he was going to start a new life. The family accepted his story, as they did many promises from him. But they did not understand that he was going to die, and they did not see him alive again. 29. For him, the time had come. He could not prolong his existence any more. He decided that he would not try to escape and that he would only make himself comfortable for the end. 30. He prepared his last supper. He would give his children an explanation for his death, so they would not be afraid. He knew they would be shocked at his departure. They had always believed that he would be their father forever. He had always managed to protect them and had taught them to protect themselves. He would tell them that he had cancer and that they would be compensated. He had spent all his resources for this. He had the money. There was nothing left. He took out the money from his house and gave it to them. He wanted to ensure that they had food and education, and he wanted them to be good people. He was a father, who left his children in a critical situation. He would leave them the money for their good fortune. He spent the rest of the night working. He sold his family's belongings, giving everything they had. He finished with his job at the laundry. He would tell his family that he had been fired and that he had been sick for a long time. He was full of lies. That night, before the first rays of the sun, he took the remaining money that he had been given and invested it in a crime. He had hidden enough money. He had left behind a criminal record. He would live his last days in peace. 31. Before the middle of the day, he was waiting for his death. 32. To die with dignity, and not like a dog. He liked to be seen as a man. He preferred that they say that he had managed to die like a man. He



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Breaking Bad S01e02 720p Torrent xylyber

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